Monday, March 22, 2010

**~*Mail Delivery*~**

Ok, so I went and checked my post office box today and I was shocked to find all 3 packages, that I have been awaiting!!! I could'nt wait to get them home and open them. As soon as I walked in the door, I had the scissors ready to tear into them...Here is what I got....

This is the package I have been awating from Miss Jenn @
Thank you so much Jenn!!!!!! I love them....they are all beautiful!!!!

and then.......

My painting from Tracey..from.... This is my first piece from her, but hopefully not my last. I absolutely love it, and couldnt be happier.


This is a beautiful painting from sam from.... This is my second piece from her. Thank you so much Sam!!!! I love this painting!!!

Now I am sooooooo.......

Thanks for coming and taking a look!!! Till next time.......



  1. oh amanda!! i would have been squealing too!!! love tracey...she is awesome and your painting from sam is adorable. what a happy day indeed!!! so glad you love your noodle and lou treats. you are the sweetest...thank you amanda!!! xoxox

  2. You got it!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Great blog BTW!

  3. @Sam....Yes i did get it...i was super excited, thank you for the blog comment!!!

    @ Jenn.....Yes it is my first piece from her, I love it. Thanks again

  4. happy to have you show off my creation with such talented artists!! Thank you honey! Noodle & Lou just so adorable in every way! I have a little something in common with her....hmm, and that date is rapidly approaching too!!
    Glad to hear you are excited about my Angel creation and I thank you again from the bottom, middle and top of my heart...
    Tracey Ann