Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ok, so those of you that know me, know that I am a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan!!!! Major...so I watch my DVD sets over and over. I am on Season Five right now and I just felt the urge to blog about it. A have a few friends that have the same Buffyverse addiction that I do, and we often talk about it among each other. We all watch Buffy and Angel along side of each other. Probably my favorite episode in Season 5 is Buffy vs. Dracula....Love it. It is hilarious, I love Xander in this show he is always so innocent, "I'm tired of being everyones butt monkey"....LOL...hilarious. Anyway....Just wanted to blog about it, more to come I'm sure.



  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for your visit, and sweet comment! Good luck in the giveaway!...I've never watched Buffy...I know, can you believe it?!! I think I'd like it though. Have a great Sunday! Paulette ;)

  2. hey amanda! ohmygosh...i was a HUGE buffy fan...and i loved xander to bits! sooo funny. that was such a great show and i haven't thought about it in awhile! though i'm sure i have the buffy soundtrack lying around here somewhere:)!!!
    have a great week! xox...jenn

  3. Well...Paulette you would love the show if you ever had the chance to watch it.


    Goodness, that is so cool that you like it as well. I have watched the series over and over. Yes Xander was one of my faves too, the soundtrack is awesome as well. You have a great week too. Cant wait to receive my packages...YAY!!!