Thursday, March 18, 2010

***Team Spirit****

My mom lives in a small town named, Nashville Arkansas! My parents both grew up in this town and now that have retired there on the farm after many years working in towns like Little Rock, AR, West Memphis, AR, Jonesboro,AR, & Conway, AR. So anyway....they love Nashville. I do too, I will probably move there and put down roots eventually. I will post pictures of the farm soon. We are actually headed there this weekend to help my parents with a Barn Raising. Well this town is all about there High School sports. They are all about some football. Their team is the "Nashville Scrappers", and let me tell you, they are serious about their football fever. They will shut down businesses to attend games and have the state of the art arena. This town is painted Orange & Black, everywhere you go. Anyway, my mom calls me up and says she has a charity auction coming up, she was asked to donate items that were "Scrapper" related. Her knowing that I loved making arts & crafts, and my sister makes the most adorable hair bows, she asked us both to make a few things to donate. So here are the pics of what I have so far. I intend on making a necklace and earring set as well. HOpe you enjoy!

This is one of my altered Letters!!! It is simple, but I didnt want to get too busy with it.

This is the front cover of the paper bag album I made, I took a photograph of the sign in front of the high school for the cover.

A pic of the inside, I left it mostly blank, so someone could add school photos, or ribbons or just any type of high school memories!!

Here is the back side of it. I didnt show all the pages inside, but you can kinda get the idea.

And Finally here is my mess I made making these. :)...but that's ok, I had a blast making them.
Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed!!

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